Terms and conditions of the vodmax.org website


Administrator – The person who manages the vodgo.pl website.

Service – the vodmax.org website

User – the person visiting the Website

  1. vodmax.org is a website that contains information about films, including descriptions and information about the availability of these films on legal VOD services. The movie database (including graphics and other media) is based on the license of The Movie Database service.


1 The vodmax.org website advertises the vod-base.com service, which is a movie search engine.

  1. registration to the movie search engine is not free. The use of the search engine is paid according to the price list listed on https://vod-base.com.
  2. vodmax.org is not a part of, or partner with, the advertised search engines. vodmax.org is not a payee, it only provides advertising services to third parties. The user makes payments on a website other than vodmax.org.

(4) The information on vodmax.org is for advertising purposes and not for information purposes. The user should read the relevant offer on the advertised video search engine website before payment. The right of withdrawal from a contract concluded at a distance does not apply to the purchaser in the case of products that, due to their nature, cannot be returned.

5 The search engines advertised here provide links to film productions on platforms: Netflix, Chili, Player+, iTunes, Rakuten and HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Cineman, Ipla, VOD.pl, Apple TV+, Plany now, Canal+, CDA premium – or return information about the unavailability of a given film for viewing online.

(6) The fact that there is a subpage describing a given movie on vodmax.org, does not mean that the same movie is available on the advertised search engine. The user, before payment, should make sure that the film in question is in the database of the advertised movie search engine. vodmax.org, due to the lack of technological connection, does not have up-to-date information.

  1. vodmax.org does not provide any video content. The site also does not provide links to video materials.
  2. the number of films and series available on search engines and VOD platforms is variable. The information about a given film posted on the Website does not indicate that it can be viewed online on any VOD platform. The movie database on vodgo.pl is not verified in this respect.

(9) Visitors to the Service have the opportunity to post their opinions and submit reports related to problems on the site.

  1. the Administrator has no influence on the content of advertisements and the content of comments displayed on the site. The user should be cautious and independently verify their authenticity.

(11) The administrator does not guarantee uninterrupted and uninterrupted access to the vodgo.pl website. Technical problems occur over which he has no control.

  1. vodmax.org is not responsible for errors resulting from the malfunction of the Internet connection and the device used by the User.