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The year of elections in Gotham City. Potential candidates for mayor are killed one by one by a mysterious figure who leaves a riddle with each of them, addressed to the Batman. It then becomes Batman's mission to find out who this villain is.

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The Batman storyline

After two years of surveying the city’s streets as Batman, striking fear into the hearts of criminals, the DC Universe’s most famous character is portrayed in a completely different story that uncovers the hidden secrets of Gotham’s founding families. With only two trusted allies – Alfred Pennyworth and Lt. James Gordon – among the city’s corrupt network of officials and high-profile personalities, Batman establishes himself as the embodiment of vengeance. When a criminal named Riddler targets the city’s elite with a series of sadistic plots, clues send Bruce Wayne on an investigation into the underworld, where he encounters the likes of Catwoman, Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nashton and Carmine Falcone. As evidence begins to close in on the house and the villain’s plans become clear, Batman must forge new relationships to expose the culprit, becoming the symbol of hope in Gotham City.

The Batman - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 2 hours 56 minutes. People associated with the IMDB community give the film a 7.9/10, while readers of Filmweb give it a rating of 7.4/10. According to the film's evaluators at TMDB, the film deserves a rating of 7.8/10. The film was directed by Matt Reeves, while the screenwriters are Matt Reeves and Peter Craig. The film stars Robert Pattinson (Batman (Bruce Wayne)), Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman (Selina Kyle)), Jeffrey Wright (Lieutenant James Gordon), Colin Farrell (Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)), Paul Dano (The Riddler (Edward Nashton)), John Turturro (Carmine Falcone), Andy Serkis (Alfred), Peter Sarsgaard (District Attorney Gil Colson), Barry Keoghan (Invisible Arkham Prisoner).

The Batman - trivia

  • A nod to the 1966 television series Batman, specifically to the episode titled Batman: An Egg Grows in Gotham, is made by the name Commissioner Pete Savage (1966). A character by the name of Pete Savage comes from one of the three founding families of Gotham City.
  • Police discover many identification cards on Riddler’s person when they apprehend him in a small diner. One of them refers to „Edward Nashton,” making reference to the Riddler from the New Earth who would later adopt the name Edward Nygma. Another ID card reads „Patrick Parker,” an identity that has reportedly been used in comic books for a while, though no one could recall a specific instance. The truth wasn’t revealed until Alex Jaffe, who works for the DC Comics website, tried to find out where the name originated. It turns out that „Patrick Parker” was added to the Riddler’s list of aliases on his Wikipedia page in November 2013 by an unidentified prankster. omitting the citation. Then, because it was on the internet, people began to believe that Wikipedia page (or each other) to be fact. Yet it was never.
  • The last time the Batboy character was mentioned audibly in a live-action movie was in Batman Forever (1995), where The Riddler was one of the key villains. Catwoman refers to Batman as „Batboy” at one point.
  • With this movie, Michael Giacchino enters the ranks of composers who have worked on both the Batman and Mission: Impossible franchises, along with Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, and Lorne Balfe. With the exception of Balfe, all of these musicians have also written music for Spider-Man movies.
  • At the beginning of the film, Robert Pattinson says this about his Batman: „Being Batman is all Bruce can think about. He wants to toss it away and has no desire to become Bruce. He still feels guilty about being the 10-year-old boy who, in his eyes, allowed his parents to pass away. Being Batman for him is a strange form of therapy. He believes that by maintaining a state of Zen similar to Batman, when instinct is all that matters and there is no room for emotion, he may save himself. Going out at night gives the impression that he is seeking death. He always seems to want to relive the night when his parents passed away, in my opinion. In his imagination, each and every adversary he faces is the murderer of his parents.”
  • Regarding the Bruce Wayne character, director Matt Reeves says: „Even the fact that being Bruce Wayne may be another type of mask is not yet clear to him. He simply isn’t mature enough to realize how important it will be yet. He might be able to utilize that as a kind of mask or garb, but he hasn’t figured any of that out yet. I was intrigued by the concept that he was at a point where he couldn’t handle the weight of the history of being a part of the Waynes.”
  • The production company considered Nicholas Hoult for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the event that Robert Pattinson was not interested in the part or it didn’t work out.
  • The images of Selina in her apartment when Bruce follows her there appear to have been almost exactly lifted from the „Year One” comic book. She also looks out for her young roommate/potential love interest, and the two are indicated to be escorts, both of which are taken directly from the comics.

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