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Stacked_Blue 5.8 / 10 star year: 2022106 min,

In the not-too-distant future, inmates are given the opportunity to take part in medical experiments in exchange for a reduced sentence. The plot centers on a pair of inmates who are being tested on a drug that controls their emotions and forces them to face their past.

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Spiderhead storyline

A group of prisoners take part in an experiment with a wide range of effects that could shorten their sentences. The prisoners are given powerful drugs that alter their emotions. One of the subjects begins to doubt his feelings after taking the drug. In the aftermath, the inmates begin to investigate to find out the truth about the laboratory.

Spiderhead - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 1 hour 47 minutes. People affiliated with the IMDB community give the film 5.4/10, while Filmweb readers give it a rating of 4.8/10. According to the film's evaluators on TMDB, it deserves a rating of 5.8/10. Joseph Kosinski is responsible for directing the film, while the script was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The most important roles in the film were played by the following actors: Chris Hemsworth (Abnesti), Mark Paguio (Verlaine), Jurnee Smollett (Lizzy), Miles Teller (Jeff), Tess Haubrich (Heather), BeBe Bettencourt (Emma), Angie Milliken (Sarah), Joey Vieira (Miguel), Sam Delich (Adam).

Spiderhead - trivia

  • Rogan (played by actor Nathan Jones) is currently reading George Saunders’ „Tenth of December.” It includes the short story „Escape from Spiderhead,” which is the inspiration for this film.
  • Miles Teller’s character, Jeff, was imprisoned in Spiderhead because of drunk driving that caused a collision. The characters Miles Teller frequently portrays are involved in or close to car accidents. This may be observed in his earlier movies, like Rabbit Hole (2013), The Spectacular Now (2012), and Bleed For This (2016). (2010) Sometimes it makes the sight of the scars on his face, which he sustained in a real-life automobile accident, easier to bear or more understandable.
  • Mark Paguio plays the role of „Verlaine,” yet throughout the entire film, he is addressed to just as „Mark” (his own first name).

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