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Last Night in Soho full movie

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Eloise's passion is fashion design. Mysteriously, she is able to enter the 1960s, where she meets her idol, a dazzling aspiring singer. But 1960s London isn't quite what it seems: it's as if time is falling apart, and with sinister consequences...

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Last Night in Soho storyline

Young provincial girl Eloise is crazy about the 1960s. She has lived with her grandmother all her life, but now she goes to London to study fashion design. Unable to adapt to the noisy life in the dormitory, the girl moves to a more familiar environment – she rents a room from an elderly landlady that has not seen any repairs for a long time. On her first night in the new place, Eloise either has a very realistic dream or is actually transported to her favorite era as a spectacular blonde who set out to conquer the Soho nightlife.

Last Night in Soho - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 1 hour 58 minutes. People affiliated with the IMDB community give the film a 7.1/10, while Filmweb readers give it a rating of 6.7/10. According to the film's evaluators on TMDB, it deserves a rating of 7.5/10. The film was directed by Edgar Wright, while the screenplay was written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns and Edgar Wright. In the main roles were cast: Thomasin McKenzie (Eloise), Anya Taylor-Joy (Sandie), Matt Smith (Jack), Rita Tushingham (Peggy Turner), Terence Stamp (Silver-haired Gentleman), Diana Rigg (Mrs. Collins), Michael Ajao (John), Synnove Karlsen (Jocasta), Pauline McLynn (Carol).

Last Night in Soho - trivia

  • Anya Taylor-Joy was chosen by Edgar Wright to play Sandie. Prior to seeing Split and discovering, along with The VVitch, that she had frequently played a sort of innocent Final Girl, he had wanted her for Eloise. After seeing Split, he changed his mind and wanted her for the Femme Fatale. Additionally, given his most famous role, it goes against Matt Smith’s character type for him to play a seemingly charming pimp who takes advantage of Sandie for his own benefit and tries to kill her. Terence Stamp, who is most known for playing villains like General Zod, plays an ex-cop who is a little strange, but ultimately not a bad guy.
  • In order to truly portray the atmosphere of Soho, director Edgar Wright knew early on that he would have to shoot there, rather than duplicating it in a nearby area or on a studio soundstage. The fact that so many of the neighborhood companies were open around-the-clock necessitated extensive logistical planning in order to operate inside the busy region. The London location shoot, according to Wright, was a „Herculean undertaking” that necessitated close coordination between his site manager and the City of Westminster. It was necessary to arrange vintage vehicles, attire, and business signage so they authentically reflected the time.
  • 1 hour, 35 minutes.) Edgar Wright remarked, „This is the part of the movie where I get thrilled. We observe the envelope and figurine tip-offs as Eloise enters Ms. Collins’ apartment. Wright responded to Christopher McQuarrie’s question, „Why do you reveal the twist just before the twist?” by saying that he enjoys the concept that observant viewers will pick up on the hints and find themselves building up to the surprise. The moment Clarice enters Buffalo Bill’s kitchen in Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs (1991), he continues, is what he remembers most clearly.
  • Ellie continues browsing through the news about the missing guys in the library when the deceased men start to appear to her.
  • The Kit Kat Girls from „Cabaret” come to mind when seeing the choreography for the cabaret performance of „Puppet on a String,” which features girls in short, flowy skirts performing on bentwood café chairs. Although the West End debut of „Cabaret” took place in February 1968, which is later than the scene’s presumed time period, Eloise’s bedroom at her grandmother’s house has a picture of Dame Judi Dench as Sally Bowles.
  • According to Steve Price and Wright, who prefer to start with real pop songs or needle drops and evolve them by tearing them apart to create something new, „We’ve almost dissolved songs into the score.”
  • Filmmaker Sam Mendes initially met Edgar Wright through screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who later collaborated with Mendes on the script for 1917 (2019). Wilson-Cairns casually mentioned to Wright that she had five years of bartending experience at The Toucan in Soho and that she lived nearby on Dean Street, above The Sunset Strip. They proceeded on a bar crawl around Soho’s basement pubs the evening of the Brexit vote in 2016, arriving at Trisha’s where Wright presented her the Last Night In Soho narrative.
  • The original plan for the flashback scenes was for them to feel more like dreams by having no dialogue and only music. When co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns said that it was crucial for the audience to „feel in love with Sandie,” and that it would be far more difficult to achieve this if they had never heard her speak, this was adjusted.

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