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Fifty Shades of Grey full movie

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The plot of the film - inspired by the worldwide bestseller by British author Erika Leonard, who signs her name with the pseudonym E.L. James - focuses on student Anastasia Steele and the mysterious and seductive businessman Christian Grey, who share an erotic relationship and dark secrets.

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Fifty Shades of Grey storyline

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to a job interview with young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she meets an extremely attractive, intelligent and irritating man. Immature and innocent, Anastasia is overwhelmed by desire for this man and, despite his mysterious nature, is consumed with the desire to get closer to him. Unable to resist Anastasia’s beauty, intelligence and free spirit, Grey agrees that he wants her, but under certain conditions…. Shocked, but also excited by Grey’s unusual erotic demands, Anastasia hesitates. Despite his great success – international corporations, vast wealth and a loving family – Grey is a man possessed by lust and with an ambition to dominate. As the couple embarks on a daring and passionate physical affair, Anastasia discovers Christian’s dark secrets and her own hidden desires.

Fifty Shades of Grey - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 2 hours 4 minutes. People affiliated with the IMDB community give the film 4.1/10, while readers of the Filmweb portal give it a rating of 4.5/10. According to the film's evaluators on TMDB, it deserved a rating of 5.9/10. Sam Taylor-Johnson is responsible for directing the film, while the person responsible for the script isKelly Marcel. In the main roles were cast: Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele), Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey), Jennifer Ehle (Carla May Wilks), Eloise Mumford (Kate Kavanagh), Victor Rasuk (José Rodriguez), Luke Grimes (Elliot Grey), Marcia Gay Harden (Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey), Rita Ora (Mia Grey), Max Martini (Jason Taylor).

Fifty Shades of Grey - trivia

  • When Ana sees the Red Room of Pain for the first time, it’s also the first time Dakota Johnson sees it; director Sam Taylor-Johnson wanted her reaction to be authentic. Jamie Dornan, on the other hand, spent a lot of time there to make her feel familiar and at ease in these sequences.
  • E.L. James designed the set of Christian Grey’s apartment for production designer David Wasco.
  • The music of Rita Ora, who was a musician before becoming an actor, was not on the film’s soundtrack, despite the producers’ request. Instead, the soundtrack featured songs by Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, Sia and original songs by Danny Elfman.
  • The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) sought to ban the film in the country. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), however, gave the film a rating of 18. Despite this, the film achieved the highest opening revenue for a film with an 18 rating, earning $2.2 million during its first showing in the Philippines.
  • Lucy Hale revealed on Ellen’s program that the auditions for the film were extremely unpleasant, and the producers decided not to cast her in the role because she seemed too young.
  • Jamie Dornan does not like to shave and prefers to wear a thick beard in his spare time. However, during the filming of the movie, he had to shave every morning to maintain the image of Grey. Dornan was relieved that he didn’t have to shave his chest because he „didn’t have much chest hair.”
  • A green screen was used to shoot the glider scene.

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