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year: 202396 min,

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„Evil Dead Rise” is a horror thriller film directed by Lee Cronin, written by Cronin and Sam Raimi, and produced by Robert Tapert and Raimi. The film stars Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan as two sisters who encounter demonic entities after discovering an ancient book in their Los Angeles apartment building.


The film begins with two sisters, Melody (Sutherland) and Heather (Sullivan), discovering an ancient book while working at a mortuary. The book unleashes a demonic force that possesses the residents of their apartment building, including their own mother. Melody and Heather must fight for their survival against the evil entities that threaten to consume them and everyone around them.


Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan deliver strong performances as the two sisters caught in the midst of a demonic possession. They are able to effectively convey the terror and desperation of their characters, and their chemistry on screen is believable and engaging.


Director Lee Cronin does an excellent job of creating a tense and terrifying atmosphere throughout the film. The pacing is well-managed, with the tension building gradually and effectively until the final climactic confrontation.

Special Effects

The special effects in „Evil Dead Rise” are impressive, with a mix of practical and digital effects used to create the terrifying demonic entities. The practical effects in particular add a visceral and disturbing quality to the horror on screen.


Overall, „Evil Dead Rise” is a well-crafted horror film that effectively blends elements of the supernatural with a primal fight for survival. The strong performances, direction, and special effects make for an engaging and terrifying viewing experience. Fans of the horror genre will not want to miss this latest entry in the „Evil Dead” franchise.

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