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At just 17 years old, Zack Sobiech is battling serious cancer, and doctors predict he will only survive six months. Zack decides to devote this short time to pursuing his dream of becoming a singer.

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Clouds storyline

The film is based on the true story of Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old high school boy who loves to party and has a great talent for music. A few weeks after Zach asks out a girl he likes on a date, his world is turned upside down when he discovers that the cancer has spread and his life expectancy is only six months. With little time left, he and his best friend and songwriting partner, Sammy, decide to fulfill their dreams and record an album. To their surprise, it quickly became a viral phenomenon. However, with time running out, Zach faces the fact that no matter how he spends the time he has left, he will always hurt the people he cares about most, including Amy, the love of his life.

Clouds - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 2 hours 1 min. People associated with the IMDB community give the film a 7.5/10, while readers of Filmweb give it a rating of 7.5/10. According to the film's evaluators at TMDB, it deserved a rating of 8.3/10. The film's director is Justin Baldoni, while the script was written by Kara Holden. The film's main cast includes Steffan Argus (Zach Sobiech), Sabrina Carpenter (Sammy Brown), Neve Campbell (Laura Sobiech), Dylan Everett (Sam), Tom Everett Scott (Rob Sobiech), Lil Rel Howery (Mr. Weaver), Madison Iseman (Amy Adamle), Vivien Endicott Douglas (Alli), Summer H. Howell (Grace).

Clouds - trivia

  • Fin was asked to write a quick song for Justin Baldoni, who was to sing in the film. Fin started with a few words and a chord progression. He then discovered that Zach had put the same chord sequence in his writing journal, which was not noted in any of his songs. Fin used some of the things Zach had written down in his letters and journals to create the original song „My Little Dancer.” In the closing credits, Fin Argus and Zach Sobiech are acknowledged as songwriters.
  • The timeframe of Zach’s last performance was changed for the film. In fact, the concert took place a few months before his death, when he was still capable of performing. In the film, Zach is unable to finish the song, so his family and friends sing it back to him.
  • The film features Zach’s personal belongings, including his trademark bed quilt, his „Pants.” T-shirt, the red plaid shirt worn during the recording of the song „Clouds,” his red and black crutches and a pair of strange mirrored sunglasses.
  • When Zach and his father are riding in the car, Zach asks his father if he plays the drums. In the movie „That Thing You Do!” with Tom Everett Scott, who plays Zach’s father, he plays the drums.
  • Everything in Zach Sobiech’s room was transferred to the set and arranged exactly as it was in real life, in a room built for the film.
  • The audience in the final concert scene consists of Zach’s real-life friends and members of his extended family.
  • The flannel shirt worn in the film by Fin Argus during the recording of Clouds is the same shirt Zach Sobiech wore while recording the song in real life.
    Justin Baldoni, the film’s creator, can be seen as a coffee shop employee who turns on the radio when Zach’s song is first played.

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