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year: 2023112 min, ,

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Film Review: „Boston Strangler”

„Boston Strangler” is an upcoming crime thriller film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, based on the true story of the Boston Strangler. The film follows reporters Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole as they pursue the story of the Boston Strangler at great personal risk, putting their own lives on the line in their quest to uncover the truth.

Cast and Performances

As „Boston Strangler” is still in post-production, no information about the cast and performances is available at this time.

Plot and Execution

Based on the real-life story of the Boston Strangler, „Boston Strangler” promises to be a tense and thrilling crime drama. The plot follows the two reporters as they pursue the story of the notorious serial killer, delving into the details of his gruesome crimes and attempting to uncover his identity. The film’s execution will be key to its success, as the filmmakers must balance the true-life horror of the Boston Strangler’s crimes with a compelling and engaging narrative.

Production Value

The production value of „Boston Strangler” looks to be high, with a notable production company like 20th Century Studios attached to the project. The film’s setting in 1960s Boston will require careful attention to detail, as the filmmakers must create a convincing and authentic period setting. The film’s score and sound design will also be crucial in creating a suspenseful and atmospheric experience.


While „Boston Strangler” is not yet available for viewing, the true-life story of the Boston Strangler promises to be a gripping and intense subject matter for a crime thriller. With promising production value and a talented directing team, „Boston Strangler” has the potential to be a standout film in the genre. Fans of true crime dramas and thrillers should keep an eye out for this film upon its release.

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