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After Yang full movie

Stacked_Blue 6.7 / 10 star year: 202296 min,

In a world where parents buy robots to live as babysitters, a father and daughter try to save the life of their robotic family member, Yang.

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After Yang storyline

The film Yang tells the story of a family, especially Jake’s father, following the failure of an android named Yang, whom they have incorporated into their family to mentor and babysit their daughter, in a near future where androids with artificial intelligence live with humans as „helpers.”

After Yang - notes, cast, infos

The entire film lasts 1 hour 36 minutes. People affiliated with the IMDB community give the film a rating of 6.7/10, while readers of the Filmweb portal give it a rating of 6.6/10. According to the film's evaluators at TMDB, the film deserved a rating of 6.8/10. The director and screenwriter of the film is Kogonada. The most important roles in the film were played by the following actors: Colin Farrell (Jake), Jodie Turner-Smith (Kyra), Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja (Mika), Justin H. Min (Yang), Orlagh Cassidy (Lilian), Ritchie Coster (Russ), Sarita Choudhury (Cleo), Clifton Collins Jr. (George), Ava DeMary (Vicky)

After Yang - trivia

  • The song, „Gilda,” sung by young Mika to her father, is actually from Riri Shushu no subete (2001).
  • The film had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on July 8, 2021, and then had its North American premiere on January 21, 2022, at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Alfred P. Sloan Award.
  • Adapted from the short story „Saying Goodbye to Yang” by Alexander Weinstein, which is included in the author’s 2016 collection, „Children of the New World.”
    The first draft of the script was written in three months.
  • The film was released simultaneously in theaters and streaming on Showtime on March 4, 2022.
  • The film’s story is a tale of robotic „technobeings,” artificial intelligence and cloning, all set in a subtly engineered future scarred by environmental hubris.
  • There’s a passage from Walker Percy’s „The Moviegoer” that has stayed with the Koganada filmmaker forever: „The search is what anyone would undertake if they were not submerged in the everydayness of their own lives. To become conscious of the search is to be on something. Not to be on something is to be desperate.” The filmmaker explains: „In the course of writing and shooting After Yang, I kept coming back to this idea, especially as it relates to a father who struggles to feel connected to the world.

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