The complicated relationship between Elvis Presley and his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, has illuminated the story of his life.
It's hard to be a producer when you're a koala and have paws. It's even harder when your faithful assistant is older than a typewriter. And it's fun when your cast is a nonstop dancing chubby boy, a prickly punk girl, a shy schoolgirl, a big-ass gangster, and a mother of many children whose kids are piglets in the literal sense of the word. The recipe for success is simple: rush to the entertainment capital of the world, recruit a legendary rock musician, and blow up the stage with a new show.
At just 17 years old, Zack Sobiech is battling serious cancer, and doctors predict he will only survive six months. Zack decides to devote this short time to pursuing his dream of becoming a singer.